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CEUs for Certified Operators

CEUs for Technicians

for Chapter 482 and 487, Florida Statutes

We are approved providers and offer 2 hour on-line courses in Core, General Household Pest, Fumigation, Lawn & Ornamental and Termite (WDO) for SPID and Certified Pest Control Operator certificate renewal. Also,we are approved for ALL Ch 482 Limited categories (LS, LL, LC, LF, LW) categories. Core and Lawn is approved for Chapter 487 certificate holders.

for Chapter 482, Florida Statutes

We offer 2 hour on-line courses in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Regulation and Safety for Identification Cardholders. This area is not approved for certified operators or any limited certificate holders. Technicians can also take certified operator training (in a category comparable with their job duties).

CEUs for Limited Urban Fertilizer

OSHA GHS -Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals Course

for Chapter 482, Florida Statutes

We are approved providers and offer 2 hour on-line course for renewal of the Limited Urban Fertilizer Certificate for the Department of Agriculture. This certificate must be renewed every four years. Certificate holders will also need two hours of CORE for renewal.We offer the two hour continuing education CORE course under the CEUs for Certified Operator link above.

Federal (OSHA) required course

This training is required by OSHA for all employees of all industries that manufacture, import or distribute (including use/storage/sale) of chemicals and must be completed by December 1, 2013. This course is NOT approved for Florida Pest Control License renewal but can count toward technician training credits for Regulation and Safety.