Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Congratulations!! You have already found our site,  Select the Certified Operator (or Technicians link) to move into the Category/Topic Selection Page.  When you choose the category you need, the registration form will open within our "Secure Commerce" area of the web site. This will sometimes cause 'security alerts' of various types depending on how you have your browser configured. WE DO USE SOME JAVASCRIPTS!

  2. You are required to completely fill out the registration and billing authorization form.  Any errors you receive will normally be due to leaving a required field blank.  Filling in your name, address and other information should be straight forward.  This information is required to complete the actual attendance form itself. 

    NOTE:, LLC does not sell or use this information for any other purpose [other than once a year (usually in January or February),, LLC will send a postcard and/or e-mail as a renewal reminder].

  3. The email address you supplied us on the registration form is the email we use for you to retrieve your form.

  4. The address you enter on the registration form is WHERE we will be mailing your attendance verification form, FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE -- IF you requested this service.
    If you want your form mailed to another location, fill out a support request or send us an e-mail to let us know!

  5. There are three payment methods for your convenience.  You can enter your credit card information directly on the form (it's encrypted when you press the submit button), OR, you can send us a money order.  If using your credit card on the website, the information is encrypted and you are authorizing the charge of $25.00 for that category (and if you requested a paper copy, a $2 Shipping and Handling fee) upon pressing the submit button. 

  6. Our billing process is NOT AUTOMATED --  you are not billed each time you press the submit button.  We MANUALLY review and process each credit authorization and will only charge you ONCE for EACH CATEGORY that you have COMPLETED.

  7. However, the State now requires that attendance for each course be documented on a separate attendance verification form. This means you will get several attendance forms.

  8. Upon submission of the registration form, you are presented with a confirmation page that informs you that you are returning to the unsecured area of the web site.  Selecting the category link will now take you directly to the materials.  Please be patient when the materials are loading.  We try to make the pages load as quickly as possible but most of our users have told us that they like us to use the occasional graphic or image to break up the text periodically.  Most categories will load in under 5 minutes (depending on your connection speed -- at least 56.6K is recommended).

  9. After spending the required amount of time within the materials, you will undoubtedly notice there is a category review at the end.  You must complete the category review in order to receive credit for attendance at our site.   All questions are multiple choice.  You have to select the number for the correct response from the multiple choice answers.

  10. Upon pressing the submit button, your review is graded.  Any incorrect answers will generate an error message.  Please read these messages carefully as they will tell you what question/answer was wrong. (Newer browsers should actually return your cursor to the incorrect answer field.)  After making the correction, you will have to click on the submit button again.  Your test is re-graded and it IS possible to have another error.  This process will repeat itself over and over until all of the answers are correct.

    If you get the same error message and returned to the same answer several times, it will usually be due to a blank space [you can't see them] left 'somewhere' in the answer field.  If you would push and hold your delete key and then push and hold your backspace key (while in the field area) you should eliminate the space.  Re-enter the correct answer and press the submit button.   Upon a successful submission, you will receive a review confirmation page.

    There is one very important part of the review form. If you (CPO/SPID) requested a hard copy (paper) form be sent to you, you must authorize that request and there is a $2 Shipping and Handling fee associated with that.

  11. We process attendees in "batches". When we begin a batch, we verify that we have received a completed registration, verify attendance within the material and receive a completed review section. We then begin preparing your attendance verification form.  Your attendance verification form will not be posted until AFTER we have received payment.

    Upon receipt of a money order, we complete your attendance form and post it with the NEXT batch we process.  We do, however, allow ourselves 3 - 5 business days for processing.

  12. To use our site again for another category, you should re-enter at the beginning ( and start completely over.  Using the 'back' button will cause some of the forms to re-load and generate errors.  

    After using the site once and becoming familiar with how it works, most users have no problems with subsequent uses.

    We hope this brief instruction area helps you with the use of our site.  If you are having problems, the best way to reach us is via a support request or by e-mail: (Email Form) or call 561/398-1307 (leave a message if we're out of the office).